Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Vibrating Platform

Some claim that this device is indispensable in the search for the best physical shape and those who, on the other hand, are not enthusiastic about it. Let’s find out more.

Have you bought a new vibration plate but don’t know how to use it? Are you wondering if you have made a good purchase or if it is yet another useless fitness tool? Do not be afraid, in our guide we will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of this product which, if used correctly, can be a valuable aid in weight loss and muscle toning.

The vibrating platform is an exercise device that has a long history; the studies on the effects of vibrations on the human body made it possible to use these instruments in space in the 90s, allowing Russian astronauts to resist on the MIR station, in orbit around to the planet, for 450 days, surpassing the record of Americans who after only 120 days had problems with muscle tone and bones due to the lack of gravity.

Given the notable discoveries on vibrations’ benefits, the vibration plate, based on those principles, was also adopted in sports and everyday life.

A method to lose weight?

Who is thinking that using the vibrating platform is enough to quickly lose weight and tone your body is undoubtedly out of the way? As with any proposed miraculous cure, such as electro-stimulators or other such equipment, even the vibrating platform, if used alone, does not affect this sense.

To lose some weight, it is often essential to pair the system with a safe and nutritious diet and physical activity, which should be undertaken daily while on the network. So put aside false hopes, and let’s see together how a vibrating platform is used effectively to obtain all the hoped-for benefits.

Use the vibration plate

Obtain the most out of the app, create a fitness routine that involves movements that you can usually perform for your total body weight, such as push-ups, spins, abdominals, squats, and so on. When you’re wondering what the difference is between running them alone and doing them on the network, it’s the sound, of course.

This makes all the muscles in the bodywork, even those that do not usually work during exercise. Simultaneously, it stimulates the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine; the former regulates mood while the latter is known as the pleasure hormone, the sensation you get when you get a reward. Benefits on the skeletal system and the synthesis of bone tissue have also been found following studies on the subject.

By working on the vibrating platform, it is, therefore, possible to prevent osteoporosis or, in any case, limit its effects before it is too late.

No more gym?

Among the platform’s advantages, there is also the possibility of exercising without necessarily having to resort to the gym. Often you don’t want to leave the house and use your car to go to the gym (which is often very far away), or you are too tired after a long, exhausting day at work. Having a comfortable place within the home, where you can perform exercises even for only a quarter of an hour a day, is a detail that should not be underestimated and that potentially allows you to not stop training for days.

However, it should be emphasized that the vibration plate cannot be considered a substitute for jogging, weight lifting, and any other more complex activity you can perform in the gym. If you are a training purist, you will probably continue to prefer a room full of tools and possibilities rather than a single device. It is only comfortable for those who struggle to follow a training regimen continuously and without interruptions.

The inevitable disadvantages

As it is not a miracle product, it has its drawbacks, and there is no point in hiding or denying them. First of all is the possibility of being more harmful than beneficial if you do not assume a correct position, especially regarding the platforms with tilting vibration or with the plate that moves horizontally. These are designed for users with an already toned body and well-trained joints and joints that can handle vibrations’ stress. They should, therefore, not be purchased by anyone who is starting training.

Pregnant women, people who suffer from migraines or who have severe joint and heart problems have to give up the vibrating platform in its entirety, even those with jolting vibrations. The stresses in these cases would be extremely harmful and should be avoided at all costs.

In some extreme cases, the vibration plate’s use can also result in a protrusion or herniated disc and osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is not a product to be used lightly, and it would be better to always consult with your doctor or a specialist in the sector before starting to use them alone.

Platform yes or platform no?

Ultimately, the vibration plate is a comfortable means of training that can benefit if used carefully and with knowledge of the facts. Overdoing the sessions and pushing oneself beyond one’s limits could lead to the opposite result and cause severe disorders.

Since you’re a novice, it is crucial to choose a non-intensive platform, maybe with a jolting movement (i.e., on the vertical axis), which has been proved to be the most professional and confirmed by numerous studies.

It is not intended to lose weight because it was not designed for that purpose. Stimulating the muscles naturally leads to a loss of calories. Still, it is not comparable to the effect you might have with jogging, swimming, or other sports that put the body in front of a high-calorie demand. By keeping these details in mind, you will keep your expectations low and enjoy a different workout that can help you feel better about yourself.


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Author: Lucy Gray