14 Best Tower Defense Games for iOS 2021 (iPhone & iPad)

The Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone (iOS): They are the flagship games for mobile devices, and the App Store is full of them. The games of strategy in real time have their maximum representative in these Best Tower Defense Games for iOS. The objective is clear: build buildings (towers, barracks, walls, and all kinds of defensive buildings) to protect yourself from the attacks of your enemies, or even to attack them and expand your territory.

The 14 Best Tower Defense Games for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Free, paid, with integrated purchases, the variety is enormous. Fun and addictive, getting to progress and compete with your friends using social networks becomes a challenge for those who are hooked on any of them. Many are very famous, and surely you know them, but there are some with less media impact that is worth knowing. We have compiled what we consider to be you can’t stop trying.

1. Kingdom rush frontiers

If there is a Best Tower Defense Games for iOS that is the maximum reference of Tower Defense games in the App Store, that is Kingdom Rush. This second installment of the well-known game Kingdom Rush Frontiers brings new maps, new characters, and hours and hours of gameplay to ensure you never get tired of it. Little else can be said about it unless you are careful with its integrated purchases because it is very addictive. The bad thing is its price and that they are also different versions for iPad and iPhone.

2. Tower madness 2

A Best Tower Defense Games for iOS with 70 maps, 7 campaigns, and 9 different types of weapons. Without a doubt, one of the best on iOS, and it also has a multiplayer mode to compete with your friends.

3. OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense

I discovered it recently, and it has become one of my favorites. You will have to eliminate creatures of all kinds on different planets with defensive towers of all kinds and some soldiers’ help that you will gradually unlock.

Flying sharks, zombies, and soldiers armed with kettles are just some of the strangeness you will see in the Best Tower Defense Games for iOS. Excessive in all its aspects, you will see how the remains of the creatures that you eliminate on the roads accumulate. 100% recommendable.

4. Defenders 2: Tower Defense Strategy Game

Defenders 2 represents a combination of  Tower Defense Games for iOS and collectible card game. The game takes us into a mysterious and magical world with all kinds of artifacts, weapons, monsters, and spells.

5. Plants vs Zombies 2

The classic of the classics and one of those responsible for making this type of Best Tower Defense Games for iOS so famous. Little can be said about this game that guarantees hours and hours of entertainment. Free and without the need to make purchases to move forward, it is one of the essentials in all iPhones and iPads of lovers of this type of video game.

6. Castle defense 2

Castle Defense 2 is the sequel to one of the most acclaimed Tower Defense on the iOS App Store. A Best Tower Defense Games for iOS downloaded by more than 10 million players worldwide!.

7. iBomber Defense Pacific

100% Tower Defense. One of the best in specialized reviews. If you like military strategy and you knew iBomber, you will like this second installment even more. Protect your military base with countless weapons and upgrades that you must unlock. Another of my favorites but with a big drawback: it hasn’t had updates for more than two years, so don’t expect them anymore.

8. Royal Revolt 2

We continue with another sequel, Royal Revolt 2. In this game, you will have to perfect your defenses, forge alliances, and conquer the enemy kingdoms of real players in an epic and very attractive multiplayer mode.

9. Anomaly 2

Simply sensational, with spectacular graphics and a difficulty that grows considerably as you progress with the game. The initial video of the game already shows you that you are facing something very well done.

Anomalous 2 is just the opposite of other video games: we are the ones who will have to advance through the enemy defensive towers that attack us. A high price, but it is valid for iPhone and iPad.

10. Naughty Kitties iPhone

Naughty Kitties (Feline Planet) is a game that mixes defense with towers and endless races, taking us to the Cat Planet, attacked by aliens. Only a few kittens will be able to flee from the attack with their spaceships, and our mission is to guide them into battle and destroy the enemies.

11. Radiant Defense

This is a game for iPhone in which we will have to defend ourselves against countless hordes of dangerous alien enemies. We have to build a special fortress in the way we like the most, choosing from a variety of weapons and traps to stop the invasion. More than 300 waves of enemies are waiting for us, spread over 12 missions, a multitude of weapons to improve, and an online list in which we can compare our best scores with those of our friends.

12. CastleStorm iPhone

The creators of Pinball FX completely change the registration to offer us this title for iOS. In it, we will play as a team of Vikings or knights, and it will be a tower defense style game with two-dimensional development, in which we will have to create a great fortress that is impenetrable to our enemies.

At the same time, we defend ourselves with all kinds of weapons. The story takes us to some strange times in medieval times when knights fought the Vikings for the possession of two powerful gems. Each of the sides has one of the gems, so our job will be to recover the other.

13. Vampire Season – Monster Defense iPhone

This ‘tower defense’ title for iOS gives a twist to the genre, with elements close to the role-playing genre and a more mature setting than usual. Beyond a series of strange, terrifying, and original characters, it offers thirty different levels, several game modes, and a series of better accessories to make our monsters more dangerous. Instead of towers, it will act as a defense between us and absolute evil.

14. Trolls vs Vikings iPhone

It is a tower-defense game for iOS set in Norse mythology, where Loki – popularized in the latest Thor movies – has promised the greedy Vikings a great fortune for attacking the harmless and misunderstood Trolls.

We will have to advance through 70 levels along with different stations, each providing new environments, challenges, achievements, tactics, bosses, and new enemies to fight.


Which tower defense game did you like the most? Have you downloaded any of them on your iPhone or iPad?

Author: Lucy Gray