Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Vibrating Platform

Some claim that this device is indispensable in the search for the best physical shape and those who, on the other hand, are not enthusiastic about it. Let’s find out more.

Have you bought a new vibration plate but don’t know how to use it? Are you wondering if you have made a good purchase or if it is yet another useless fitness tool? Do not be afraid, in our guide we will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of this product which, if used correctly, can be a valuable aid in weight loss and muscle toning.

The vibrating platform is an exercise device that has a long history; the studies on the effects of vibrations on the human body made it possible to use these instruments in space in the 90s, allowing Russian astronauts to resist on the MIR station, in orbit around to the planet, for 450 days, surpassing the record of Americans who after only 120 days had problems with muscle tone and bones due to the lack of gravity.

Given the notable discoveries on vibrations’ benefits, the vibration plate, based on those principles, was also adopted in sports and everyday life.

A method to lose weight?

Who is thinking that using the vibrating platform is enough to quickly lose weight and tone your body is undoubtedly out of the way? As with any proposed miraculous cure, such as electro-stimulators or other such equipment, even the vibrating platform, if used alone, does not affect this sense.

To lose some weight, it is often essential to pair the system with a safe and nutritious diet and physical activity, which should be undertaken daily while on the network. So put aside false hopes, and let’s see together how a vibrating platform is used effectively to obtain all the hoped-for benefits.

Use the vibration plate

Obtain the most out of the app, create a fitness routine that involves movements that you can usually perform for your total body weight, such as push-ups, spins, abdominals, squats, and so on. When you’re wondering what the difference is between running them alone and doing them on the network, it’s the sound, of course.

This makes all the muscles in the bodywork, even those that do not usually work during exercise. Simultaneously, it stimulates the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine; the former regulates mood while the latter is known as the pleasure hormone, the sensation you get when you get a reward. Benefits on the skeletal system and the synthesis of bone tissue have also been found following studies on the subject.

By working on the vibrating platform, it is, therefore, possible to prevent osteoporosis or, in any case, limit its effects before it is too late.

No more gym?

Among the platform’s advantages, there is also the possibility of exercising without necessarily having to resort to the gym. Often you don’t want to leave the house and use your car to go to the gym (which is often very far away), or you are too tired after a long, exhausting day at work. Having a comfortable place within the home, where you can perform exercises even for only a quarter of an hour a day, is a detail that should not be underestimated and that potentially allows you to not stop training for days.

However, it should be emphasized that the vibration plate cannot be considered a substitute for jogging, weight lifting, and any other more complex activity you can perform in the gym. If you are a training purist, you will probably continue to prefer a room full of tools and possibilities rather than a single device. It is only comfortable for those who struggle to follow a training regimen continuously and without interruptions.

The inevitable disadvantages

As it is not a miracle product, it has its drawbacks, and there is no point in hiding or denying them. First of all is the possibility of being more harmful than beneficial if you do not assume a correct position, especially regarding the platforms with tilting vibration or with the plate that moves horizontally. These are designed for users with an already toned body and well-trained joints and joints that can handle vibrations’ stress. They should, therefore, not be purchased by anyone who is starting training.

Pregnant women, people who suffer from migraines or who have severe joint and heart problems have to give up the vibrating platform in its entirety, even those with jolting vibrations. The stresses in these cases would be extremely harmful and should be avoided at all costs.

In some extreme cases, the vibration plate’s use can also result in a protrusion or herniated disc and osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is not a product to be used lightly, and it would be better to always consult with your doctor or a specialist in the sector before starting to use them alone.

Platform yes or platform no?

Ultimately, the vibration plate is a comfortable means of training that can benefit if used carefully and with knowledge of the facts. Overdoing the sessions and pushing oneself beyond one’s limits could lead to the opposite result and cause severe disorders.

Since you’re a novice, it is crucial to choose a non-intensive platform, maybe with a jolting movement (i.e., on the vertical axis), which has been proved to be the most professional and confirmed by numerous studies.

It is not intended to lose weight because it was not designed for that purpose. Stimulating the muscles naturally leads to a loss of calories. Still, it is not comparable to the effect you might have with jogging, swimming, or other sports that put the body in front of a high-calorie demand. By keeping these details in mind, you will keep your expectations low and enjoy a different workout that can help you feel better about yourself.


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What Is a Vibration Plate, and Is It Worth Buying?

It promises miracles in helping to improve physique and muscles. But is it so? Let’s find out together. A vibrating platform might seem like an exerciser suitable only for the gym, where people go more and more occasionally to do some physical exercise. In reality, more and more people buy it and place it at home in place of what was once the space dedicated to the treadmill. But why did this handover happen?

The reason is straightforward: the vibrating platform, in association with a balanced diet and targeted exercises, can make you lose weight without forcing you to run for hours on the spot staring at the same wall continuously.

However, it is essential to clarify that, like any other device that proposes to get rid of bacon, it does not have miraculous functions. Simply staying on the vibrating platform will not affect, therefore forget the dream of losing weight without even a drop of sweat.

According to a European Congress study on Obesity, the vibration plate has a fundamental role in weight loss and eliminates the pounds that accumulate on the abdominal area. To verify this claim, four groups of people suffering from Obesity were examined for one year, differentiating the treatments to understand which was the most effective.

The first group, for example, was given a low-calorie diet, the second group was associated with cycling or running in addition to the diet, the third group, in addition to the diet, used the vibrating platform, and finally, the fourth group had no indications, thus keeping their habits. The third group achieved the best results, with a weight loss of about 10% in one year.

How does it work

Depending on the model, the vibrating platform can have two different types of vibration; we can therefore find jolting platforms or tilting platforms. The former move the platter upwards, using a frequency from 30 to 35 Hz, while the tilting ones move from right to left with a frequency that oscillates between 0 and 25 Hz.

However, there is no shortage of more innovative models that combine these two movements to generate a more complex vibration of the plate by raising and lowering the plate selectively, for example, only on the right or only on the left.

Suppose you are undecided on the vibrating platform to buy. In that case, you could focus on the jolting one, the most widespread and above all, the one that, according to scientific studies, can guarantee benefits. On the other hand, the tilting platform should only be used by those who already have some experience and a physique capable of withstanding the type of movement that stresses the joints in a more invasive way.

How to use the vibration plate

If you have seen a vibrating platform in operation, you will know that you must not stand still on the plate during the vibration, but you must work on it with one or both legs, also resting your hands or arms when necessary to train the part. Upper body. All exercises such as lunges, abdominals, push-ups can all be performed using the platform, thus stimulating the movement of muscles that would hardly work during an ordinary gymnastic session.

The advantages of this device are not only the physical ones, and therefore immediately observable after periodic use, but also psychological; thanks to the vibration to which the body undergoes, a release of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine occurs, which provide a sensation of Welfare.

However, it is not a panacea for all ills, and there are contraindications and groups of users who would do better not to use the device. For example, if you are pregnant, you have problems with your joints, spine, or skeletal system in general, if you have heart disease or suffer from migraines. The vibrations in these cases would have a deleterious effect on the body before venturing into this training type. Consequently, if you have any questions about your physical health, you can check with your doctor.

Do-it-yourself solutions may not be a good idea either, especially if you’re new to the industry and don’t know anything about training and exercises. In this case, it would be good to opt for a personal trainer or do a trial period in the gym, followed by an expert, where you can learn for a few months everything there is to know about the conscious use of a sound vibration plate.

Which vibration plate to buy?

If you are determined to purchase the vibrating platform, you will first have to decide the type of vibration; then, you can dedicate yourself to selecting the model that best suits your needs. Although some can be bulky, there are compact vibration plates, without a fixed central axis and handlebar, equipped with rope handles. The models that we could define as “household” are also much lighter, rarely exceeding 10 kg in weight.

If you’re searching for a professional instrument, you’ll need to consider devices that can weigh more than 30 kilograms, as well as a particular position in your home for them. Remember that the maximum load is also essential; the cheaper platforms may not hold weights more significant than 90 kg, making them unsuitable for those with a few extra pounds.

Finally, the “power” element cannot be forgotten. A gym vibrating platform can reach 1,000 watts, while those for home use usually amount to 300. Therefore, a considerable difference could decree the choice of a more powerful device if you are passionate about fitness and want to buy what there is—best on the market.

Jolting or tilting movement. These are the two main types of platforms on sale on the market. Below you can find out which one best suits your needs.

The vibrating platform has carved out its own space in the world of fitness thanks to the beneficial effects of vibrations on the human body. Today, there are several on the market with different characteristics, weights, and shape. However, before buying one, it would be better to analyze the device carefully and understand whether or not it can do for you. There are categories of users who would do better to avoid them.

Vibrations and their effects on the body have been studied for decades, but to discover that they allow the regulation of mood by stimulating the release of hormones and allow the synthesis of new bone tissue were Russian scientists who applied the technology to help astronauts to do not lose muscle and bone mass when in orbit around the planet. If the tool has been used effectively even in space, even on earth, it is possible to enhance the physical exercise you do in the gym or even at home.

Of course, it must be emphasized that the vibrating platform is not initially conceived as a slimming tool. In reality, when it comes to calorie consumption, it is much lower than that of a simple aerobic activity such as running.

If you intend to buy a phantom slimming vibrating platform, you will get mild and unsatisfactory effects, especially if you think it is enough to get on the platform for ten minutes a day. Before understanding how and when to use it, let’s first see what types of products can be found on the market.

Which platform to choose from?

Vibrating platforms usually fall into two broad categories: those with a jolting movement and a tilting movement. A jolting platform has a platter that moves vertically with frequencies up to 60 Hz, while the tilting platform moves on the horizontal plane with frequencies ranging from 1 to 30 Hz.

Which of the two is better? In reality, there is no better or worse one, but indeed those with jerking movement are those recommended because they are the most studied and guarantee real benefits. The rocking movement subjects the knees and joints that rest on the plate to more significant stress and should therefore only be used by those who already have a toned body that can withstand these stresses.

If you are looking for a gym platform, you will have access to high-cost. Still, very efficient and professional tools, those who instead aim for a home platform, without arm support, and with small dimensions, will instead have to be content to choose it based on the power expressed, in watts which can range from a minimum of 200 up to about 1,000 watts. Do not forget always to check the maximum weight that the platform can withstand. A medium-high level device can hold up to 120 kg, allowing it to be used even by those with an imposing build.

Finally, as regards the shape of the platform, you can opt for the single one, very compact and equipped with an anti-slip surface and handles with removable wire to avoid the risk of falling while using it, the double platform, consisting of two surfaces in the center of which there are shock absorbers and finally those with handlebars.

The latter is the most used in the gym and professional areas; they have considerable weight. As positive components, they take a lot of room to be installed; but, to offset the negative ones, we often need a monitor on which we can screen various forms of heart rate and set training programs.

Who shouldn’t use the vibration plate?

This tool’s advantages are many, but the power of vibrations and their impact on different types of people should not be underestimated. Pregnant women, for example, should refrain from using a treadmill as excessive strain could cause pregnancy problems. This is not the first time a vibrating platform seems to be more harmful than beneficial. A person with migraine, epilepsy, chronic illness, bone, and knee pain, for example, may best continue to work out with him or her—staff coach.

Even if you are not affected by these problems, before purchasing a vibration plate or using it in the gym, a meeting with your trusted doctor is highly recommended to determine whether or not you can start a workout of this type.

How to use the platform

As for the actual use, as we have emphasized, it is not enough to get on the platform and wait for it to do all the work for you. If you take a standing position by climbing onto the plate with both feet, you can perform squats, which are essential for firming the buttocks and legs. Alternatively, you can lie on the floor and place both feet on the platform, starting a series of abdominals; in this way, you will train the trunk muscles, and at the same time, you will stress those of the legs.

On the other hand, by resting your arms on the platform, you can perform targeted training for the upper part of the trunk but make sure not to exert excessive pressure and that the wrists are not too bent. Although it is possible to sit on the platform, it is not recommended if you do not know which position to take. This is because the vibrations could damage the spine. Avoid this form of training if you are not already an authority on the subject or have a specialist teach you how to do it.

The abdomen is forbidden to lie on the vibrating platform with this part of the body as it is incredibly delicate. To obtain satisfactory results, 15 minutes a day of exercises carried out on the vibrating platform are enough (here are the best models), so try not to overdo it and do them consistently every day to get the body gradually accustomed to physical exercise of this type.


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What Are the Benefits of Buying a Sandbag to Build Muscle?

Suppose many athletes now use a weighted bag for their muscle-building sessions. In that case, it is quite simply because, like dip bars, it is an accessory that allows several muscle groups to work simultaneously. It is also a great way to focus on sheathing and splitting.

The weighted bag concentrates on the explosive side of the exercises and can operate on multiple points, including speed, power, agility, and strength, effectively. It has the drawback that it doesn’t take up much room where most computers take up more. Therefore, you can safely choose to use a bodybuilding supplement. A power bag can be used both inside and outside since it is very durable. If you like to practice outdoor fitness in the summer, its limited scale makes you engage in rigorous cross-training exercises.

The work with a weighted bag is not limited to simple basic bodybuilding exercises, its action extending more broadly to cardio work for your whole body. The sandbag sessions will make you sweat that for sure! Suppose it is an integrated bodybuilding method during CrossFit words. In that case, it is not for nothing: The weighted cross-training bag allows work that reinforces your explosiveness and helps to burn fat thanks to its intensity.

The Essential Criteria for Choosing a Weight Training Bag

You will find everywhere on sale a multitude of weighted bags oriented for bodybuilding or crosstraining. Some are not equal, and before considering the purchase of a sandbag, there are three key things to consider; here they are.

The weight of the bag

To choose the right weighted bag, you will have to take stock of your bodybuilding level or CrossFit and your progress objectives. About thirty kilos separate the smallest weighted bag you can buy and the heaviest. A gap that must be understood to make the right choice for your bag.

The bags between 5 and 10 kg are perfect for beginners. This is the ideal weight interval for working out without getting injured and learning how to master each movement to build muscle at home. If you are a novice, invest in a bag of this weight, even if it means evolving later.

A power bag weighing between 10 and 20 kilos is a good compromise for a person who already has a bodybuilding basis. Suppose during your sessions you are already doing regular squats, military presses, or similar exercises. In that case, a 20 kg weight training bag will be ideal for everything related to your muscle strengthening exercises. It will be heavy enough for you to work your muscles well and not too heavy to get discouraged.

Finally, a weighted bag between 20 and 30kg is an accessory reserved for sports people already practicing explosive activity such as cross-training.

And if you are still hesitating between several models, know that nothing prevents you from buying several. It is even a perfect option for modulating your sports sessions’ intensity and progressing more regularly. Other additional information, some manufacturers like RDX also offer modular weighted bags that can be opened and in which you are free to remove or add weight. There are also models of weighted water bags that we do not recommend, however, because the weight distribution is relatively poor.

The straps and handles of the sandbag

When looking to choose the best-weighted bag, pay close attention to the hook straps. You need to be able to grab your heavy bag the right way to perform each exercise correctly.

The straps must therefore allow easy and quick handling of the bag. Forget the models that have straps stuck to the bag. On the contrary, an excellent weighted bag has relatively rigid straps that are at least ten centimeters away from the bag.

Some weight training bag models also have handles. This is a significant advantage if you have to train intensively and regularly.

In terms of the number of straps, the ideal is to have two on the top of the bag and also two at the ends. So you will be able to perform many strength training exercises.


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Vibrating Platform – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Comparisons

Sport moves along different lines and activities, which involve muscle groups and other parts of the body in training. Among the offers, a special place is occupied by vibrating platforms, suitable for different exercises and often combine fun with physical preparation.

Understanding how to choose an excellent vibrating exercise machine is the goal that our editorial team has set for itself with this guide. Bluefin Fitness – Vibro is one of the cheapest models and, according to users’ opinions, it is suitable both for the most experienced sportsmen and those who want to keep fit at home.

Also, from this brand, we find Bluefin Fitness – a 3D Vibrating Massaging Platform. From what the description also reports, we can see the importance of a 3D system with a 360-degree movement capable of setting different areas and parts of the body in motion.

The 5 Best Vibration Platforms

In choosing the most captivating models, we have chosen to give the suitable space to those who want a reliable product, also varying between different price ranges, with a comparison that helps to extricate themselves between the proposals on the market and an object that keeps its promises, with a variety of programs that makes each session different. At the end of the review of each platform, there is a link on where to buy.

  1. Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

Taking advantage of the vibrations produced by the 1,000-watt motor, the platform sets in motion a series of movements that can help keep fit, activating the metabolism and the consumption of fat mass thanks to continued practice. The low prices at which it is proposed have convinced more than one person, thanks to the support’s stability over time which has proved reliable.

The surface is covered with a non-slip grip, which holds the user firmly throughout the exercise. The possibility to go to Bluetooth and connect the speakers for music listening gives everything a fun aspect and dimension.

The movements of the platform proceed vertically, with intensity management that passes through an external controller. The absence of an instruction booklet has made more than one person turn up their noses.

  1. Klarfit Goodvibe Vibration Plate With Heart Rate Monitor

The adjustable platform, with a vibrating base and a series of exciting exercises in support. The Klarfit brand has managed well a moderate cost with performances that can be useful to those who wish to have the ideal product to train the lower part of the body and more.

Thanks to the elastic bands, the platform can be managed as a support point for training the chest and arms. The area where to place the feet is 53 x 37 cm wide with a display thanks to which you can distribute the different parts of the training during the performance, thanks to a variety and in the programs offered that will hardly bore you.

The design’s compactness also blends with small rooms, integrating into the home without inconvenience for those who live there. More significant support in the assembly phase, especially with an adequate manual, would not have failed.

  1. Finether Vibration Exercise Plate

If you are wondering which vibrating platform to buy, the Finether proposal could be for you. The best sellers in the category combine an affordable cost with a series of features that we will examine below. On a few of the short sides, there is a transportable roller to handle any motions in one or more building rooms.

Through a front display, the power is changed, with 99 levels that can be managed in complete freedom, a pair of elastic bands, and remote control for changing the options at a distance.

There are then different areas with vibrations designed for walking, jogging, or running from the center to the sides. The absence of images with which to vary posture and type of training overtime was not appreciated by everyone, with some complaints about the manual’s poverty, both based on the text and the accompanying images.

  1. Bluefin Fitness 3D Vibration Plate with Dual Motor

The choice to focus on two internal engines that work independently proved to be a winner. In this way, the correct intensity is produced over time, and thanks to those who use it continuously to manage and intervene on the fat and the areas in which they want to improve the line.

Each of the two motors expresses a power of 500 watts, then realizing a series of variable movements, from the horizontal one, passing to the linear one, or activating the 3D mode, which mixes the previous two. The excellent support and the platform’s construction quality allow the object’s comfortable and functional management, leaning on a comfortable and ergonomically designed base to ensure stability for the user.

The integrated Bluetooth speakers thus create a lively fitness area in which a personalized background also accompanies exercise. Inside the package, there are also elastic bands and a series of exercises to test yourself session after session.

  1. Bh Fitness Tactile Tonic PRO, Unisex Vibration Exercise Machine

Among the offers online, the Bh Fitness proposal intrigued us to manage training and the machine’s shape. It is a platform with a glass base and a front element on which the different bands available are positioned.

The motor and all movement management are enclosed in the front display. Six gears allow you to better manage the type of training by modifying the intensity to have a personalized effect depending on the bands used.

Some work best on the thighs and buttocks; others focus specifically on the hips, while the third type is perfect for stretching and relaxing the back and lats. The mounting system does not create particular difficulties in installation and positioning in an area of the house.

Guide to Buying a Vibration Plate

The world of vibrating platforms presents different solutions capable of meeting space problems and the needs of those who, by purchasing a single object, prefer to combine as many benefits as possible, thus managing different muscle groups. Some points in common to pay attention to, however, are the same. Let’s see them together.

Size and ease of use

One of the first characteristics of the best vibrating platform is its scale and space control. On the one side, some versions have concentrated anything you need in a compact base, using the existence of elastic bands to be hooked to special elements located in the machine’s lower section, on the other hand, you can see how there are also systems that consist of a solid base. And a vertical control panel that often contains the very heart of the exercise machine.

Understanding the structure and where the object will be placed can help you decide which model will do the most for you. The footpegs alone must aim for the top in weight balance and balance, thus ensuring the best possible grip and a system that manages speed and vibration that is comfortable to use and practical.

From theirs, they can play on comfort and small footprint, a gift that allows them to earn several points in those looking for a product to be placed under the bed or in a distant corner of the house. Conversely, those who aim for a better balance and need a support surface will look at models with a vertical display. In this way, the management of the training programs and the whole situation is very close at hand.

Power and versatility

Check the available speeds and the efficiency of the motor carefully. In this way, you will be sure that you have chosen a practical product ideal for managing the vibratory movement.

A 500-watt motor should be the ideal base to start from. Some models have two independent ones or one that also expresses a maximum power of 700 watts. In both cases, the result is a continuous movement that is well suited to training needs.

Suppose we also add to this a varied and well-structured speed variation system. In that case, we can see how versatility and adaptability prove to be necessary options for those who want to combine different varieties and stimuli during the session.

Having programs on display or a series of videos and tips help users create routines and practices that change over time. Consistency is an essential aspect of the issue and an element that allows you to see gradual improvements in practice over time. A practical information system and a rich and detailed manual allow you to immediately start exploiting the elements that make up the vibrating platform.

Vibrations and accessories

There are different types with which these platforms carry out their work. Some models focus on as broad a basis as possible, managing different types of vibration. They range from horizontal to vertical ones, while in the more sophisticated models, there is also the union of the two elements.

It seems a secondary aspect when in reality, it contributes significantly to the quality of the results. Therefore, the combination of several elements proves interesting, especially for those who want to vary the areas and parts to be put under more exercise.

Among the elements that can enrich the offer, there is also a Bluetooth speaker system to manage the training, combining the essential present with one’s favorite playlist. Other types then allow you to have elastic bands to exercise the upper body area, such as arms and shoulders, or a vibrating belt to be placed around the waist or thighs, performing the task called to perform in the best possible way.


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