Games for an adult party

By playing, adults are giving themselves the chance to relive childhood experiences, be children again, laugh, and get out of their work routine and their worries from the seriousness of their professional work. 

Adults can get together to play and have fun, in many ways, whether to celebrate birthdays, parties with colleagues, activities of a club of friends or fans of a hobby or sport. And if that’s the idea of ​​the parties you want to have, here are some game ideas that we can use for an adult party with lots of humor and fun.

Blow up a balloon or bomb with your partner:

This challenge, game, or penance comes in handy as an activity for an adult party because of how suggestive and spicy it can become. It is about competing between couples to explode balloons that are located between the two in the area of ​​the genitals. 

It can be done in two ways: You can try to blow up a balloon in less time, or compete to see which couples push harder and blow up the most balloons in a given period of time, for example, in 1 minute.

A very suggestive position is to place the inflated balloon on the tail of the woman, who crouches down, while the man pushes hard to explode the balloon. Look at the image, taken from a video of an adult party, where this idea is presented. 

Take and lick from partner’s belly button:

This game or challenge can be played at a couples party or among close people. You must choose another person to take a drink of liquor thrown into the obligation of the chosen one. 

The idea is that the liquor drink is sipped in the navel so as not to spread it over the body until the drink is finished, and as the navel fills, it is drunk. 

It can also be a portion of sauce, jam, condensed milk, honey.

It can also be done that the chosen person smears his ears or another part of the body with honey, such as his hands, shoulders, neck, and the other player must clean it with his tongue (lick it). 

Crawling with a ball:

This is penance or a very simple challenge, but sometimes it presents difficulties if we put a time limit on it.

We only need a ball or a ball that does not bounce much and space to advance without obstacles. Whoever pays the penance must bend down and stand on the floor in a quadruped position (on all fours). He places the ball next to him and must move it with one hand, while with the other, he supports his body. It ends when you reach the finish line, which may be 10 meters or more away. The ball must remain close to the body. For added difficulty, you may be asked to move the ball with your head.

Advance on a ball:

Whoever pays the penalty, pledge or penance sits on a ball or ball; the bigger, the better. Thus it must advance for a route of about 10 meters. He can only propel the ball with his tail, and he cannot touch it with his hands after sitting on it. Or if the others allow it, he touches it with his hands when the ball goes out of his domain, and he needs to restart the route. Finish this penance by crossing the defined goal.

Tangled jumps:

It consists of jumping, having difficulty: that we carry a ball or a palota tight on our legs or thighs. You cannot drop the ball, or you must restart the course. The distance for the jump course will be determined by the rest of the players or by the organizer of the game. If the player who performs the challenge has a physical impediment to jump, he or she can walk quickly.

Fall in love with the ball:

Each one takes at random, quickly, a ball or ball from a box or basket without choosing it.

Then he will focus on his ball and find some very nice phrases to say to him. 

For example, how much you love him, how you like to have him by your side, etc. Romantic phrases, compliments, etc., are allowed. You should do it for 1 minute. It can also be a penance or individual penalty, which the chosen player will carry out. This game stimulates the imagination and the generation of creative ideas

I play the traditions of my town:

It is about following the condition of a given letter, to name things, actions, showing off their good vocabulary and general culture about the tradition of a country or region. They sit in a circle, and the animator explains the game to them. The following are narrated: In my town or my country, we have deeply rooted traditions, for example, we like it, with the M, R, P (or another letter). The players must complete the sentence. Examples with the letter M :

  • Harvest and Eat Corn
  • Make Backpacks
  • Drink Mate
  • Play Mus
  • Make Molas
  • Play the Marimba

If the animator deems it appropriate during the game, they can change the letter before finishing the round.

The game can be used for a social science subject to stimulate the study of themes of traditions and folklore.

Recover the balls:

It takes several balls, hopefully, big ones. We can do a competition or an individual challenge. It takes a cake to remove some balls that are within a circle of about 5 meters in diameter, only using the butt. They may sit on them and move them around. There is no time limit.

If we are going to do a competition between several players, we can put a starting line and a finish line and thus have a fun competition.

Everyone sits in a chair:

This challenge or penance is a test of physical resistance that causes a lot of humor; it is very useful for group activities and games, children’s games, children’s parties, or parties or games for adults. The following is said: – The time has come to put everyone to play !. Imagine:  There is only ONE chair left for everyone to sit down: The one of the players who pay the penalty or penance. Since there is no more place to sit, everyone has to settle into that chair. Logically, the first to sit down and settle down is the one who pays the penance. Then they sit on top and to one side, the other players, one by one, very slowly,

it does not matter that they are a little uncomfortable. 

The wider the chair (and the sturdier), the better. (It is not recommended to use plastic chairs, as they can bend and cause an accident) If someone or everyone falls, start the accommodation again. This penance or challenge ends when everyone is well seated and accommodated in that chair and lasts for a few seconds. (They can count up to 5) This penance requires the support of playmates so that we can consider it as part of a cooperative game. Variation or adaptation: If the group is too large and the person doing the penance is very small, you can ask him to accommodate up to 5 or more people in his chair.

Unexpected uses: 

This is a challenge or game that requires a high dose of creativity. 

The selected player must mention and explain very well 10 uses that an everyday object can have, for example, the lid of a toilet, a spoon, the lid of a pot, a clothespin, lipstick, talcum powder, a pencil, etc. 

The object can be told by the animator or organizer of the party, whoever is on birthday, or they look for it at random in a dictionary or magazine.

It can be the first object found in your pocket or purse. This challenge stimulates the creativity and good humor of the participants.


Author: Lucy Gray