Meopta MeoNight 1.1

The moonlight 1.1 is equipped with Generation 2+ amplifier tubes from Photonis. Meopta provides its datasheet; the original Photonis sheet remains in the factory.

With a three times magnifying eyepiece (optional), it can also be used as a handheld device. When building the housing, the experience gained in the manufacture of riflescopes and binoculars was used, and it was equipped with a lens system with MeoBright coating for the best light transmission.

Meopta MeoNight 1.1

The hydrophobic coating lets water and dirt roll off and ensures easy and efficient cleaning of the front lens. The inside is nitrogen-filled and protects against internal condensation even in the event of strong temperature fluctuations.

This means that the device is also waterproof. The energy from a CR123 lithium battery is said to last 50 hours. For this purpose, the MeoNight has a sensor that automatically switches off after an hour. When the battery voltage nears the end of the battery life, the screen will start flashing.

The brightness of the image can be adjusted manually to suit the environment. It also works when the camera is in position; a remote control cable is included in the scope of delivery, which can be attached to the shaft. The device automatically dims in the event of the incidence of light that could damage the tube.

The operation (a push-button and rotary control on the left side) is very simple. Briefly holding the push button switches on, each short press thereafter changes the brightness. It is switched off by double-clicking and using the rotary control.

Above the controls, there is a Picatinny rail for attaching infrared brighteners – initially only allowed if you use it with the eyepiece attachment as a handheld device.

On the underside, another holder fits the Meopta quick-change attachment, with which the NSG is placed on a rail in front of the telescopic sight.

The military prefers such assemblies because they do not burden ZF, and the assembly and the device can be attached more quickly. However, to do this, the weapon must have a rail on the barrel in front of the scope, which is not the case with very few hunting weapons.

The moonlight is mounted on hunting rifles using a quick release adapter that is clamped onto the IF lens. Meopta supplies its adapter system for common lens diameters; conventional Russian adapters can only be used with an additional ring.

With 207 x 55 x 83 mm (L/H/W), the MeoNight is extremely slim and doesn’t take up much space in front of the ZF.

The weight (without battery/adapter) is 638 g, the price $ 3,995. The original mounting adapter costs 239 $, the triple eyepiece for pure observation is another 1,199 $ – very expensive for an eyepiece booster that costs just 300 $ from other manufacturers. Still, the part has just as many lenses as a riflescope and delivers a first-class picture.

Other eyepieces have more of an alibi function and come from a time when dual-use devices still needed a BKA exemption notice. A bag made of sturdy Cordura is included in the scope of delivery.

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Author: Lucy Gray