Shooting Vest – How to Choose the Right One?

Arriving at any stand, you will meet people in clothes that are rather strange from the point of view of an ordinary person. The best shooting vest comes in different shapes and colors, so we decided to help beginners choose.

Before choosing the right vest for yourself, think about whether you need it. If you do not shoot often or do not participate in competitions, then it may be worth doing without it.

No, we in no way discourage you because a vest is an essential element of shooting equipment; just every time you open your wallet in a gun store, you follow this simple rule. Ask yourself: Do I need it? And it will save you from unnecessary and unnecessary spending.

Shooting Vest – How to Choose the Right One?

Shooting Vest - How to Choose the Right One

So, if after reading the paragraph above, you still intend to go to the store or on the Internet for a vest, then here are a couple of tips for you:

The first and most important piece of advice is that it is more important not how it looks but how it sits in a vest. In no case should it hinder your movements, so try not to buy a vest blindly. Try to jump up, imagine how you hit fast crosses, targets from behind your head, nimble rabbits under your feet.

Try to get into the position in which you usually shoot. Better the vest will be a little loose than tight. Be sure to check the convenience of the pockets. For example, place something heavy in it and ask the store for a pack of sockets or headphones. When standing with a loaded vest, it should be equally convenient for you to take out cartridges and shoot at targets.

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It is excellent if there is an elastic band or tightening on the lower back with adjustment. This will come in handy when you wear a jacket under your vest or eat too many goodies for the May holidays. By the way, about the jacket! Be extremely careful. Measure the vest in the clothes you are going to shoot (or similar).

Someone has several vests for different weather; someone buys more loosely, considering shooting in any weather. The biggest mistake is made by shooters wearing a tight-fitting vest in cold weather. By pressing down on the jacket, you do not allow the heat to persist, and you will have to dance in every room to keep warm.

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Functionality comes next in importance. Think about what you first expect from a vest? If you want to shoot in hot weather, then choose a mesh vest. Next, we look at the pockets. Their location and shape are of great importance.

If you shoot different cartridges, you will need spacers in your pockets (we strongly recommend not to load your head with nonsense and shoot the tournament with one type of cartridge, a maximum of two in VERY exceptional situations). Also, if you want to collect the shot casings, you will need a large pocket on the back. Chest pockets can be beneficial.

There you can put the folded paper with a schedule, a lens from glasses, or earplugs. Many even fit a phone (do not forget to set it to silent when shooting).

When it comes to the next step, you should focus on the material. In the place where you put the stock, the best material is leather. However, please do not rush to overpay for it. The most important thing is that the butt plate does not cling to the fabric and fits comfortably in the shoulder when lifting.

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The method of fixing the number is essential if you regularly participate in major tournaments. To avoid pinning the vest with pins, make sure there are clothespins or another mechanism in there. Even if the number isn’t on your back, you can use specialty magnets to keep it in place consistently.

Finally, it is essential to pay attention to durability and resistance to dirt. Remember that the vest will constantly get dirty due to gunpowder gases and oil, so warn your wife if you liked the white vest.

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Author: Lucy Gray