The 5 Best Software to Create Video Games: Which One to Choose

The 5 best software to create video games: which one to choose. For starters, you can check which game engine was used to develop your favorite games and start reading about it.


It is one of the most appreciated and used software for creating video games by professionals. It allows you to create 2D and 3D video games from scratch, importing assets produced with other applications specialized in two- and three-dimensional production and exporting the result on all the gaming platforms used today. It supports Virtual Reality, VR, and the powerful C# programming language.

Game Maker Studio 2

The 2D game engine Game Maker Studio 2 allows you to develop games for almost any platform, including Facebook instant games. However, it is not accessible, although the licenses do not come with the prohibitive costs once required for Unreal or Unity. With this software, even beginners can upload assets and focus on developing successful games.


Open-source video game engine under MIT license, therefore totally free, for developing 2D and 3D projects. It offers many tools and, thanks to the easy and intuitive interface, allows you to focus on development right away without any distractions.


The latest addition, Amazon Lumberyard, is the totally free Game Engine devoted to creating 3D, multiplayer games with full VR support and seamlessly integrated with AWS, the Seattle-based giant’s cloud services platform, and Twitch for chatting during gaming sessions. Probably a platform destined for success. It supports C ++, Autodesk Maya, and Photoshop, among others.

Unreal Engine

This Game Engine is considered by some to be state of the art in the service of video game production. However, it is a fact that, together with Unity, it is the most used by medium-large software houses. Compared to the first, it offers a remarkable graphic fidelity, which can only be obtained at the highest commitment price with Unity. It supports VR and programming with C++.


Author: Lucy Gray