What Are the Benefits of Buying a Sandbag to Build Muscle?

Suppose many athletes now use a weighted bag for their muscle-building sessions. In that case, it is quite simply because, like dip bars, it is an accessory that allows several muscle groups to work simultaneously. It is also a great way to focus on sheathing and splitting.

The weighted bag concentrates on the explosive side of the exercises and can operate on multiple points, including speed, power, agility, and strength, effectively. It has the drawback that it doesn’t take up much room where most computers take up more. Therefore, you can safely choose to use a bodybuilding supplement. A power bag can be used both inside and outside since it is very durable. If you like to practice outdoor fitness in the summer, its limited scale makes you engage in rigorous cross-training exercises.

The work with a weighted bag is not limited to simple basic bodybuilding exercises, its action extending more broadly to cardio work for your whole body. The sandbag sessions will make you sweat that for sure! Suppose it is an integrated bodybuilding method during CrossFit words. In that case, it is not for nothing: The weighted cross-training bag allows work that reinforces your explosiveness and helps to burn fat thanks to its intensity.

The Essential Criteria for Choosing a Weight Training Bag

You will find everywhere on sale a multitude of weighted bags oriented for bodybuilding or crosstraining. Some are not equal, and before considering the purchase of a sandbag, there are three key things to consider; here they are.

The weight of the bag

To choose the right weighted bag, you will have to take stock of your bodybuilding level or CrossFit and your progress objectives. About thirty kilos separate the smallest weighted bag you can buy and the heaviest. A gap that must be understood to make the right choice for your bag.

The bags between 5 and 10 kg are perfect for beginners. This is the ideal weight interval for working out without getting injured and learning how to master each movement to build muscle at home. If you are a novice, invest in a bag of this weight, even if it means evolving later.

A power bag weighing between 10 and 20 kilos is a good compromise for a person who already has a bodybuilding basis. Suppose during your sessions you are already doing regular squats, military presses, or similar exercises. In that case, a 20 kg weight training bag will be ideal for everything related to your muscle strengthening exercises. It will be heavy enough for you to work your muscles well and not too heavy to get discouraged.

Finally, a weighted bag between 20 and 30kg is an accessory reserved for sports people already practicing explosive activity such as cross-training.

And if you are still hesitating between several models, know that nothing prevents you from buying several. It is even a perfect option for modulating your sports sessions’ intensity and progressing more regularly. Other additional information, some manufacturers like RDX also offer modular weighted bags that can be opened and in which you are free to remove or add weight. There are also models of weighted water bags that we do not recommend, however, because the weight distribution is relatively poor.

The straps and handles of the sandbag

When looking to choose the best-weighted bag, pay close attention to the hook straps. You need to be able to grab your heavy bag the right way to perform each exercise correctly.

The straps must therefore allow easy and quick handling of the bag. Forget the models that have straps stuck to the bag. On the contrary, an excellent weighted bag has relatively rigid straps that are at least ten centimeters away from the bag.

Some weight training bag models also have handles. This is a significant advantage if you have to train intensively and regularly.

In terms of the number of straps, the ideal is to have two on the top of the bag and also two at the ends. So you will be able to perform many strength training exercises.


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Author: Lucy Gray